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Pipe cutting machine

The pipe cutting machine feed has been equipped with a highly dynamic linear motor axis so as to keep cycle times to a minimum. The metal cuttings that are generated can collect on the stator's powerful permanent magnets. Due to the way the machine is used, the air gap between the linear motor and the magnetic belt is minimal. However, this can still mean that the cuttings get between the motor and the permanent magnets and may cause damage to the magnet surfaces, which could lead to premature wear or even failure of the axis. As a result, this axis has been equipped with sheet metal covers. The permanent magnets have also been fitted with a full-length stainless steel band with a lateral seal. A plastic wiper is positioned on the motor – this wiper removes the cuttings from the magnetic scale and conveys them to the end of the axis.

  • Dynamic feed for pipe cutter
  • Protection from metal cuttings
  • Superior dynamism

HIWIN components:
  • Seal designed to protect against metal cuttings
  • 2 × linear motors LMSC with magnetic force compensation
  • Linear guideways HG20